Australian Chocolate Diamonds


Australian Chocolate Diamonds


As enticing as their name, Australian Chocolate Diamonds are one of Australia’s natural beauties! They are both sourced and selected from Argyle Mines in Western Australia. As the world’s largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds, the Argyle Mines are renowned for producing elegant champagne and signature pink diamonds.

With the confidence of independent grading by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory and absolute integrity that goes into every piece, you will be assured in the knowledge that your diamond has been certified and laser inscribed for added security.

My Diamond Story allows your Australian Chocolate Diamond to provide its own genealogy and chain of origin by recording each step of its journey to you, including the lot number from which it was originally sorted. This acts as a guarantee that the gem you are investing in is an authentic, home-grown Australian Argyle Diamond mined from the red earth of the Australian Kimberley Region in Western Australia.

The certificate also details the stone’s original weight from the mine before any cutting took place as well as the colour (graded from C1 to C7, where C1 is the lightest through to a deep chocolate colour of C7) and the clarity, generally ranging from VVS1 through to I-1.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds are ‘Ethical Sustainable Diamonds’ and are guaranteed to be conflict free and comply with both the United Nations Resolution and The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The Argyle mine is committed to being industry leaders in the areas of reducing environmental impact and building positive community relationships. Argyle works to minimise environmental disturbances and initiate rehabilitation as soon as practical. From a ‘fly in, fly out’ approach, Argyle has moved to localising their workforce, with an aim of 80% permanently based in the East Kimberly and the expectation that half this workforce will be Indigenous.


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