Engagement Rings for Men: How do you choose?

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for him

The act of proposing is always daunting, particularly when you are proposing to man. It means picking the ideal time-and-place, carefully selecting the right words and then presenting it all with passion and fervour. Just like all relationships, all proposals are different. But all of them require the perfect engagement ring.

Proposing to a Man

Society tells us that it is typical for the man to propose. Similarly, the standard for the longest time was that men did not wear engagement rings. However, times have changed. Now a man can experience the immeasurable joy of being proposed to, as well as receiving an engagement ring that reflects his personality.

Selecting the Perfect Men’s Engagement Ring

Male Engagement Rings come in all shapes and sizes, with various materials and designs. Having that proposal to him feel personal and intimate means selecting the ring that best speaks to his sensibilities. Having to choose from such a wide range of possible rings can be daunting, so here is a guide to select the perfect engagement ring for him.

Selecting the right size and shape

The big school of thought regarding size for the longest time was that “bigger is better”. However, this idea has become outdated. While there is nothing wrong with a big, decadent statement of an engagement ring, many prioritise comfort instead. It is important to keep the preferences of the person you are proposing to in mind.

In terms of size, there are multiple options available. The standard for men is to go wider, with a width of at least 4mm. Commonly 6mm is a popular choice for gents however, there are men who find comfort with less. 

Diamond Set Band

Diamond Set Band

Because engagement rings for men is a concept that still carries a large amount of novelty, there are no hard rules regarding the shape of the ring itself. Some opt for a simple, rounded band. Others prefer a design to incorporate diamonds or coloured gemstones, the ring is really an extension of personality so there are no limits to what you can choose.

Choosing the correct metal

The metal is what is going to make up the majority of the ring, so selecting the right metal is crucial. The temptation is to play it safe with the standard gold ring. While gold is a perfectly serviceable and cost-effective metal, there are many other options available to ensure that perfect end result.

For example, those who feel uncomfortable with wearing rings would gravitate towards more lightweight alloys such as Titanium, Tantalum or even Carbon Fibre. For those who like to get their hands dirty, there are more durable metals such as Platinum or Palladium. If concerns of cost are what limit an engagement ring purchase, there are cheaper alternatives such as Tungsten or Damascus Steel.

Tantalum Stack

Tantalum Stack


There are even alternatives to metal. Ceramic rings are not only as elegant as their metal counterparts, but they are also hypoallergenic, meaning those with copper allergies need not worry. Similarly, wooden rings are not only hypoallergenic, but they also have the benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Picking the perfect pattern

The last step in choosing the perfect men’s engagement ring is selecting the pattern that will adorn its surface. Once again, there is no hard rule as to how an engagement ring should look. These decisions rely on the personal preferences of the person receiving the ring. 


There are patterns that do not affect the texture of the ring itself. These can sometimes call for a combination of metals, such as gold and its counterpart white gold. Different patterns can be made, usually involving various arrangements of stripes.


Additionally, there are patterns that do affect the ring’s texture. These include creating a bevel effect on the ring’s surface, flatten its edges to give it a more angular appearance, etc. While there may be a temptation to go for elaborate takes on these patterns, it is important to keep the recipient’s comfort in mind. There is no point in a beautiful ring if it is uncomfortable to wear.


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