Peridot Jewellery

Discover Our Peridot Jewellery Collection

Our Peridot Jewellery includes a beautiful range of earrings, studs, pendants and rings that come in a colour variation in tints of light green to deep olive hues. Peridot is known to be one of the oldest semi-precious gemstones in the world, making it one of the most prized jewellery gemstones and a popular choice for those wanting to wear a piece of ancient history.

Holdsworth Bros source the highest quality peridot gemstones from around the world, which are then transformed into the stunning jewellery pieces seen in this collection. 


Looking for a Unique Piece of Jewellery? 

If you’re looking for a stand out piece of jewellery, you can’t go past our olive green peridot dress ring that features a central oval peridot gem surrounded by three diamonds on each side. Due to the variation in green colour, no two peridot gems are the same, making it a highly sought after gemstone to add to any jewellery collection.  


If you’re looking to add peridot jewellery to your collection, simply browse our range online today or contact us for an in-store consultation.

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