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Understanding Your Man: A Surprise Engagement Ring

By Chris Holdsworth | November 1, 2018

Understanding Your Man: Surprise Engagement Ring A girls guide for dropping hints and understanding the mentality of a guy who wants to surprise you with an engagement ring. By Chris Holdsworth How can you get your dream diamond engagement ring when your boyfriend making the purchase wants it to be a surprise? To find the […]

A Guys Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring

By Tim Holdsworth | November 1, 2018

A Guys Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring For guys, buying a wedding ring isn’t that hard. By Tim Holdsworth “Most guys are pretty bewildered when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. Thankfully, it’s not that hard!” There’s only good news for guys when it comes to buying a wedding ring. Firstly, it is […]

Upgrade Your Diamond – For Free

By Chris Holdsworth | October 31, 2018

Upgrade Your Diamond – For Free A knowledgeable diamond merchant will find you extra value. By Chris Holdsworth “The biggest mistake most people make is deciding they want a F/VS1 ‘triple excellent’ 1.00ct diamond and search for the cheapest example of it. They don’t realise that ‘Triple Excellent’ covers all manner of sins.” Almost all […]

Buying a Significant Diamond

By Chris Holdsworth | August 15, 2018

Buying a Significant Diamond Breaking down the jargon to help you choose the diamond right for you. By Chris Holdsworth Buying a significant diamond will be one of the most moments of your life. Most likely it will accompany one of your lifes top four of five milestones and will be shown of thousands of […]

Natural versus Synthetic Diamonds

By Chris Holdsworth | July 4, 2018

Natural versus Synthetic Diamonds Understanding the difference between imitation, synthetic and natural diamonds. By Chris Holdsworth All diamonds are formed from pure carbon. In fact diamond is the only gemstone that is an element. Carbon also forms other materials like graphite. But when the atoms of carbon are joined in a particular very rare and […]

A brief history of Synthetic Diamonds

By Chris Holdsworth | July 4, 2018

A brief history of Synthetic Diamonds From imitation gemstones to the synthetics of today, synthetic diamonds are now reality. By Chris Holdsworth The history of imitation and synthetic gemstones goes back to the ancient Egyptians.  They developed the technique of faience, an early form of glazed ceramic, to imitate coloured gemstones. Fast forward several thousand […]

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