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Pearl Necklace: Discover Our Cultured Pearls Jewellery Collections

Have you thought about getting a pearl pendant to go on a gold chain, but you want to know more? You like how a pearl luminesces in the sunlight, perfectly complemented by gold, but you want to feel secure while you make your purchase that you’re getting a high quality pearl with nine or eighteen carat gold. We get it. We’ve sold many a gold chain and many a pearl necklace, and there’s nothing quite like the joy on a customer’s face when they try on their pearl necklace for the first time and see just how beautiful an authentic cultured pearl jewellery finished with gold can look.

Don’t worry. If you have any pearl related questions (or gold related, for that matter), Holdsworth Bros. has got you covered. We are experts on gold and cultured pearl related jewellery, so we’ve got many-a pearl of wisdom when it comes to the pearl necklace and its chain of gold. You could even say that every pearl of wisdom we have on pearl necklaces would be enough for us to make a pearl necklace of our very own. 

Pearls are a composite of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form that are produced in the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. Renowned for their illustrious beauty, pearls have been combined with gold chains to make pearl necklaces for a very long time. 

While a pearl is typically known for its appearance of a white colour with a circular shape, pearls come in a variety of colours beyond the most common pearl white (pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, red, gold, purple and iridescent) and shapes. 

Is a pearl considered to be a precious gem?

While pearls are unique gem in that they are grown in a living creature, quite different to non pearl gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires, pearls are nonetheless considered precious gemstones. There is a high demand for pearl jewellery, and the word pearl itself has become synonymous with rarity, fineness, admirability and value.

The largest pearl is the Pearl of Puerto; a 30cm wide, 67cm long pearl from Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island. Much like other kinds of rare gemstones, pearls command a high asking price due to an intense demand, their high quality, and their rarity. As a result, pearl necklaces, particularly with gold, are jewellery that is held in incredibly high esteem.

How can you tell a good quality pearl necklace?

There are several ways to assess the quality of a pearl (including whether or not a pearl is even real). We have outlined a series of pearl related factors that will help you find out the quality and genuineness of a pearl in jewellery.

These pearl related factors include: 

  • The surface of a real pearl should show a distinct lustre, unique to pearl, like a reflection but coming from within the surface layers of the pearl
  • A real pearl contains tiny irregularities that differentiate it from another pearl (as no two pearls are produced the same), whereas a pearl that is perfectly identical to another pearl could be a fake
  • A real pearl has its colour accentuated by a translucent overtone (such as a hint of pink or green), whereas fake pearls tend to have only one uniform colour and a lack of depth
  • Real pearls have a slightly rough, gritty texture, whereas fake pearls tend to feel smooth or glassy
  • Real pearls are sometimes heavier than fake pearls, due to the fact that many imitation pearls are made with plastics
  • A great test is to rub two beads together and see if they feel slightly gritty against one another, similarly you can rub the pearls against your teeth.

Pearls are not as resilient as other gemstones, ranking a 2.5-4.5 on Mohs scale of hardness, a scale developed by German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1812. Given that the score is out of 10, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to keep an eye on your pearl necklace. 

When you get your pearl necklace, you are going to need to take care of it if you want it to last you a long time. It is easy for a hard surface to damage a pearl if you are not careful. While we do pearl necklace repairs, trust us when we say that you want to keep your pearl jewellery safe in the first place. Yes, even when it comes to pearl necklaces, prevention is better.

Do pearls fade?

Because pearls are an organic gem, they require more care than other kinds of gemstones. While a pearl won’t fade on its own, pearls can lose their colour and turn a slight shade of yellow if they have been stored away for a long time in a dry environment where there is no moisture or air circulation. If you make sure you store your pearl necklaces properly, it will retain that gorgeous pearl sheen for decades. If you are unsure how best to store your jewellery when not in use, talk to an expert. Perfumes are also a big no-no, try to apply perfume before you put on your pearls and try to avoid the areas where the pearls will sit on your neck.

Can you wear precious gemstones with a pearl necklace?

Because pearls come in a variety of colours and styles, you’ll find that pearl necklaces work perfectly with gems such as sapphire, diamonds or garnets; with a pearl either helping to create a warm palette with their colour, or to further emphasise their colourful counterparts with their neutral shade of pearl white.

Does a pearl necklace look better with white or yellow gold?

Yellow gold emphasises the white of a pearl by directly contrasting it, whereas white gold tends to complement a pearl for a more cohesive piece of jewellery. You should choose the alloy for your pearl necklaces depending on where you want the eye to be drawn the most.

How much are pearl necklaces?

Pearl necklaces will vary in price depending on the length of the necklace and quality of the pearl but also the gold that might accompany it. The price range for our pearl necklaces range from $295.00 to $25,000.00. Of course, as true pearl connoisseurs, we only source superior quality pearls, so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect pearl necklace for that special someone (the pearl in your life, if you will).

How do you clean a pearl necklace?

The best way to get a pearl necklace cleaned is to take it to an experienced jeweller who can both inspect your necklaces and clean them for you (it is recommended you do this at least twice a year in order to keep your pearl necklace in top condition). The second best way to clean a pearl is to use warm water with a combination of mild unscented soap and a very soft dry cloth to avoid damaging the surface of the pearl.

How do you buy a pearl necklace?

High quality pearl necklaces are pretty rare and expert guidance is needed to ensure you buy something of good value and quality. So, contact us so we can help you find the perfect pearl necklace. 

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