Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

The halo diamond ring is a popular style because it gives you many ways to customise and personalise your engagement ring. The main reason it’s popular though is because it can make a high-quality diamond look huge in a halo setting. A quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look up to half a carat larger.

What style is it?

This style focuses on the centre gemstone being encircled by a collection of round pavé or micro-claw set diamonds. These stones can either focus the attention to the centre stone or to dazzle the eye into thinking the ring contains one large diamond.


During the 1920s when the Art Deco movement started, the halo made its debut. In recent years Art Deco-style pieces have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and what’s old is new again. It’s now the most favoured style of engagement ring after the classic solitaire.


If you like the idea of a halo engagement ring but want to find something a bit different then are many design variations to choose from.

The centre stone

You might prefer a centre gemstone with colour as opposed to colourless. A coloured gemstone will stand out nicely with diamonds around it. Some people like a sapphire centre stone or you could go for something more adventurous like a Kimberley pink diamond.  If you’re on a budget, you could opt for not having a centre stone and instead cluster small diamonds in the middle. You’ll have the same carat weight as a large diamond but at a much lower price.

Centre stone cut

You can have a halo engagement ring with a differently shaped centre stone. For example, you might like to have an oval, emerald-cut or pear shaped diamond in the centre. Some of the pointier diamond cuts work well when wrapped in a halo as it softens the edges.

Pavé colour

You could choose the opposite of having a coloured centre stone and instead opt for coloured pavé gemstones. This can create a unique look for your engagement ring. Some popular pavé options include using sapphires or rubies to surround a colourless diamond.

Halo or Halos?

Why stop at one halo when you can have multiple halos! The more stones circling your centre stone the bigger your ring will look.


The ring shank (or more commonly known as the ring band) can also be diamond set. A shank without stones has a cleaner, simpler look but if you’re looking for bling, then add more pavé stones to your it.


If you’re wondering if a halo engagement ring is a good idea, then here are some benefits listed below:

Accentuates the diamond

This style can be designed to do a few different things, it can make the centre stone look up to half a carat bigger, it can draw the eye to the centre diamond or its design can be used as a feature of the ring itself.

Value for money

If you’re on a budget, a halo ring can be great ‘bang for your buck’ because you can still get a high quality diamond without amazing dazzle for a reasonable price. Smaller stones cost less, you get even more sparkle for your budget.


Having a big centre stone will get people staring but if you really want to give people sore eyes from looking at your hand, then opting for a halo diamond ring is the best option. Halo rings have excellent radiance without being over the top (unless you want to of course).

Protection for centre stone

Unfortunately, even diamonds can get damaged and scratches can diminish the value of the stone. Halos can protect the centre stone from becoming knocked or damaged from other objects, so another good reason to add a halo.

Where to buy

Are you looking to buy a halo engagement ring? At Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers, we have highly experienced staff who work with every couple to find the right ring within their budget. We’ve been selling jewellery since 1884 so we know how to find the right ring to suit your taste and lifestyle. We’ll guide you through the whole process from choosing the centre stone to the band.  Drop by one of our stores and chat to our friendly staff, or you can browse through our online selections above (more available in store).

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