Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Guide to Choosing Engagement Rings

Planning on proposing? You might be confused about the different cuts that are available, which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide to oval diamond engagement rings to help you find the perfect match.

What are oval shaped rings?

Oval rings are an elongated round brilliant cut and have the same facets (and the same number of facets) as a round diamond however with different sizes and proportions. They are popular engagement ring option because when they are cut well, they can rival the brightness of a round cut but also give an alternate shape. Another reason for their popularity is they can make a person’s finger look thinner and longer so suit a wide range of hand shapes and sizes. The origins go back centuries but it was Lazare Kaplan, a Russian diamond cutter who gave oval diamonds their reputation during the 1950s. His expert hands were able to turn the roughest diamond into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Princess Kate, Katie Holmes and Selma Hayek are just a few famous names who favour the oval cut.

What do they represent?

The oval cut represents rebirth, fertility and immortality, which is why it’s a popular shape for couples who are beginning a new life together. It’s also a great option for people who are getting remarried as a symbol of their new life.

Are they expensive?

Oval diamonds are sold at a discount to the price of an equivalent size and quality round diamond. This is because the diamond crystal rough can return a higher yield when cut into an oval rather than a round – essentially there is less crystal ‘wasted’. If you’re on a budget it might be a good option as it’s just as sparkly as the round cut.

What’s the difference between an oval and a round cut engagement ring?

When choosing an engagement ring, a lot of it comes down to personal taste, hand shape and budget. Below is an outline for each style.
Advantages of the oval cut:
– Unique shape
– Larger looking stone
– A rarer cut – Elegant and refined shape
– Sparkling cut stone
Advantages of the round cut:
– The brightest cut (when cut well!)
– Timeless, classic style – Many options when buying
– The most popular and therefore most prevalent shape.


Despite oval cuts being rarer than round cuts, they are more affordable – which is great for those who can’t afford to splurge on a $10,000 engagement ring. That means you can buy a bigger diamond for the same price as a smaller round cut, due to there being less wastage compared to a round shape, which can lose up to 60% of the rough.


Not only does the diamond look bigger, it’s about 10 percent bigger than a round cut by surface area. Also, when the human eye examines a diamond, we look from the top to the bottom so it appears a lot larger than it is.


While they don’t have the same level of brilliance and fire that the round cut has, they can still be faceted to give an amazing sparkle. Oval cuts form part of the group of ‘brilliant cut’ which is the mathematically optimal way to a cut a diamond for brilliance, so they’re designed to maximise a sparkle.

The bow-tie effect

The bow-tie effect is always present when faceting an oval cut. In essence it is a shadow or glassy dull patch through the centre of the diamond. It is so called because it looks like a gentleman’s bowtie which is due to its middle being deeper with short facets and its tips shallower with long facets. To cut a truly beautiful oval diamond the bow-tie effect should be minimised as much as possible.

How do I choose the right engagement ring?

Holdsworth Bros. has been running since 1884 and we have plenty of experience helping people choose the perfect engagement ring. We have plenty of rings to choose from and even offer custom made engagement rings and engagement ring consultations for people who need help choosing the perfect ring.

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