Sapphires from the Gods

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Something special has arrived at Holdsworth Bros.


Exclusive to Holdsworth Bros. in Australia is the most stunnng collection of loose sapphires. We are thrilled with what we are able to offer and think you will be too. Our collection includes the finest of blue, pink, golden, peach and purple sapphires just waiting for you to design into dream jewellery. Also available are vivid red rubies in all shapes and sizes.

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Blue Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Purple Sapphire

Teal Sapphire

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Ceylon Sapphire

Madagascar Sapphire

Montana Sapphire

How can I design a piece using a loose sapphire?

When dealing with unique sapphires it is best to design a unique piece of jewellery. Whether your heart desires a pendant, a ring or earrings we will consult with you to create your masterpiece.

The process of desiging jewellery may seem a little daunting but it is really quite simple and our expert staff will guide you through the process when you come in to visit.

Essentially there are three steps: 

  1. Choose your stunning sapphire or ruby
  2. Gather ideas from our pre-made designs or from the internet
  3. Set us to work making your dream piece of jewellery

1. Choose your gemstone

Our exclusive collection of sapphires and rubies will have you mezmerised! The vibrant colours have to be seen to be believed. Many people think sapphire is only blue. This common misconception is unfortunate because some of the most beautiful sapphires you will ever see are colours other than blue. While fine blue is the most sought after pink, purple, golden, peach, lilac, teal, yellow and green sapphire are all created by Mother Nature.

Once you have decided upon a colour the next factor is the shape, generally sapphires are cut to maximise weight yield from the original crystal. In order to do this sapphires are often cut in to different shapes. Common shapes are round, oval, emerald cut and cushion but also available are radiant, ‘superman’, princess, pear, heart and many others.

The size of the sapphire directly affects the price as well. Mother Nature doesn’t tend to make many large sapphires or rubies (in particular) so as the size of the sapphire increases so does the price in per carat terms. That is to say that a 2ct sapphire being twice the weight of a 1ct sapphire might be four times the price.

Pictured are some rough sapphires we hand selected and bought from dealers in the Ilakaka region of Madagascar. The small oval blue sapphire started at 2.25ct and was faceted to 0.67ct. The pink from 2.81ct to 0.89ct and the trilliant from 4.31ct to 1.22ct.


2. Design your Dream

This stage of the process is where you can have as much or as little input as you like. We will consult with you and show you lots of design ideas we have in store to get an understanding of what you would like us to make. 

Often clients will browse the internet looking for designs they like and bring them in for us to have a look at and work with.

As well as utilising the sapphire we will incorporate other gemstones, usually diamonds, in order to contrast the fine colour and add more sparkle and interest to the piece. It is incredible what we are able to make with the jewellery manufacturing techniques available today.

Once we get a firm idea of what you would like we create a 3D render (a series of images) of the piece from the Computer Aided Design (CAD) file. We then send this to you so you can see what the final piece will look like and make any changes necessary.

Then once you are 100% happy we set the workshop making your perfect piece.


 3. Making your jewellery

All that is left for you to do now is to wait for us to manufacture your dream piece. We use high quality alloys of gold in pink, yellow and white or we can use platinum too. 

If we are adding accent diamonds then we only use fine cut white diamonds of F to G colour and VS clarity.

The desiging element can take a couple of weeks depending on how many modifications that might be made and then our workshop will take about four weeks to make your item from scratch.

Once your piece is finished we will get in touch with you to come and have a look. We will make sure your item fits perfectly and that you love it.

Our after sales service includes ensuring you have a valuation and any certification required for the piece, a how to care booklet and a cleaning cloth to help keep your jewellery sparkling clean.

Custom designed Sapphire Ring