Top 5 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends Heading Into 2021

Whether you’re planning on proposing to your loved one or just want to keep up with what engagement rings are going to be all the rage next year, this guide will show you the five biggest trends that we’re seeing in Australia.

 Like anything in fashion, engagement rings styles go through phases of popularity. So if you’re looking for a ring that’s going to stand out in the new year, we recommend choosing one that falls into one of the five main diamond engagement ring trends that we have identified. They are:

  Fancy-shaped diamonds

  Mixed metals

  Add more diamonds


  Colour splash

Fancy-shaped diamonds

While there’s nothing wrong with the classic round cut diamond, there are so many interesting shapes to choose from when it comes to diamonds. At Holdsworth we’ve noticed more people want a more unique shape to their diamond, so that it’ll make them stand out.

Emerald cut diamond

Emerald diamonds are in and they can vary from almost square to a narrow rectangle. Compared to the sparkle of a brilliant-cut diamond, an emerald diamond creates a hall-of-mirrors effect, which is the long lines seen contrasting light and dark planes. The elegant appeal of this diamond cut will be trending in 2021.

Cushion cut diamond

The cushion cut diamond shows the outline of a cushion, hence the name. It’s a combination of a square cut with rounded corners and has been around for nearly 200 years. The cushion cut diamond used to be the standard diamond shape until the early 20th century. We’ve seen a resurgence in popularity for the cushion cut diamond in recent years due to a resurgence in antique styling, and value with bigger yields from the diamond crystal rough.

Oval cut diamond

The oval diamond is a great alternative to the round shape. The longer shape of the oval diamond creates the illusion of greater size as well as showing off a larger surface area compared to a round diamond. This type of diamond is popular as it combines a fancy shape outline with the brilliance you’d see in a round diamond.

Fancy Shape

Fancy shapes are in.

Mixed metals  

Mixing metals is a relatively new phenomenon, gold was a status symbol and only gold looked like gold so there was no need to alloy it to a white or copper colour. These days picking a mixed metal engagement ring creates a modern look, especially if it’s paired with an unusual shaped diamond or setting. Some mixed metal trends for engagement rings in 2021 include:

  White and rose gold

  White and yellow gold

Mixed Metals

Bring some alternative colour to your ring.

How do you choose the right combination?

It comes down to personal preference but it’s also important to consider your skin tone to see what works. Rose gold is becoming a popular choice because it works with most skin tones due to its softness. What is old has become new again so like cushion cut diamonds are a nod to a bygone era, so is rose gold.

Add more diamonds

Why stop at one diamond? There are many ways to add more diamonds without blowing out the price of the engagement ring.

Halo setting

If you’ve ever seen an engagement ring with small stones surrounding a centre diamond, this is known as a halo setting. A halo setting can make the centre diamond appear up to half a carat bigger in size.

Three stone engagement ring

The three-stone diamond engagement ring (also referred to as the trilogy ring) features three stones in a row. The three stones represent a couple’s past, present and future together. There are many different arrangements that the diamonds can take, but a popular one is for the centre stone to be larger than the two on either side of it. Sometimes people choose to have a different coloured stone in the centre to make it stand out. You can choose different diamond cuts to create a unique ring.

More diamonds!

Add more diamonds!


Sometimes less is more, and for some people they prefer an understated look. A minimalist engagement ring doesn’t mean cheap, but rather simple and clean design that often features a focal stone on a thin band. This means more effort can be put into choosing the perfect stone and setting, without worrying about all the extra bits and pieces. Another advantage of a minimalist engagement ring is that it can be worn with almost any outfit.


Minimalist style rings suit people who are constantly on the move, whether that’s because they’re athletic or are busy with work, this kind of ring will fit their lifestyle. It’s also good for people who don’t wear a lot of jewellery as this style of ring is more comfortable for everyday wear.

Colour splash

People are opting for coloured gemstones to create a unique engagement ring. Adding pink, blue, yellow or even black can make a ring really ‘pop’.

Coloured centre stone

We’re seeing more people choosing a coloured gemstone or diamond for their centrepiece. This can work very nicely with a colourless band to accentuate the colour of the stone. A Pink Kimberley diamond as a centre stone is popular due to its beautiful colour, but people are also choosing different gemstones such as sapphires, ruby and emerald.

Coloured halo

Another way of not only adding colour but also extra sparkle is by encircling the colourless centre diamond with coloured pavé stones. Some people also like to match the colour of the halo setting with the band of the engagement ring to match.

Why not colour?

Coloured gemstones or diamonds are an alternative.

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