15 Best Unique Engagement Rings

Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a challenging endeavour, as it’s a symbol of your love and commitment. However, the world of unique engagement rings offers a welcome solution to this dilemma. With a plethora of distinctive designs, gemstones, and customisation options, these rings make it easier, allowing you to find a ring that resonates with your loved one’s unique personality and your shared love story.

In this article, we’ll look at length at the kinds of unique engagement rings that are available, as well as how you can find the right one for you.

What are some unique engagement rings?

Here are the unique and beautiful engagement ring options from Holdsworth: 

1. Diamond Flower Cluster

Our Diamond Flower Cluster ring is a breathtaking masterpiece that commands attention with its brilliant sparkle. This unique ring features seven round brilliant cut diamonds skillfully set in a claw setting, allowing light to flow freely for maximum radiance. Its floral design captures the essence of natural beauty and elegance, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless charm and a touch of luxury.

Diamond Flower Cluster

2. Pink Diamond Cluster Ring

For an understated yet exquisite right hand ring, our Pink Diamond Cluster Ring is an ideal choice. This delicate ring boasts a rose gold cluster of pink Australian Argyle Diamonds at its centre, accented by fine shoulders adorned with white diamonds to create a captivating contrast. Its unique blend of pink and white diamonds makes it a truly special piece, perfect for those who value subtlety and grace in their jewellery.

Pink Diamond Cluster Ring

3. Floral Chocolate Diamond Ring

Our Floral Chocolate Diamond Ring is a work of art that draws the eye with its captivating design. At its heart lies a stunning Australian Chocolate Diamond, surrounded by over half a carat of bright white diamonds. This distinctive piece is inspired by the beauty of nature and makes a bold statement with its unique combination of chocolate and white diamonds. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a striking and elegant accessory.

4. Oval Halo Diamond Ring

This exquisite oval halo diamond ring is a cherished favourite among our collection. What sets it apart is the captivating oval centre diamond, framed by a dazzling halo that enhances its brilliance. But the uniqueness doesn’t stop there; this ring also features additional shimmering accents adorning the shoulders, making it a true showstopper that radiates elegance and sophistication.

Oval Halo Diamond Ring

5. Milled Design Halo Ring

Our milled design halo ring exudes an antique charm with its oval diamond encircled by a halo of glistening diamonds set amidst beaded white gold. What makes it truly special is the extension of these sparkling diamonds down the shoulders, adding an extra touch of enchantment and making this ring a timeless and exquisite piece of art.

Milled Design Halo Ring

6. Trilogy Cluster Ring

Initially designed with an oval sapphire, our Trilogy Cluster Ring proved to be a remarkable creation when we tried it with an oval diamond. The result is a truly impressive and unique engagement ring. Its trilogy design, showcasing three alluring oval stones, exudes a sense of grandeur and significance, making it an ideal choice for a relationship that deserves to be celebrated in style.

Trilogy Cluster Ring

7. Wrap Around Chocolate Diamond

The Wrap Around Chocolate Diamond ring offers a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty. This ring elegantly swirls around one of Australia’s treasures, the Australian Chocolate Diamond, using 18k white gold. The mesmerising design is further enhanced with the brilliance of shimmering white diamonds, making it a truly exceptional choice for those seeking a distinctive symbol of their bond.

Wrap Around Chocolate Diamond

8. Black Diamond Split Shoulder

When it comes to setting the mood in jewellery, black diamonds are unmatched, and the Black Diamond Split Shoulder ring is a prime example. This extraordinary piece features a prominent round black diamond at its centre, framed by a split band adorned with glistening white diamonds. The combination of black and white diamonds creates a striking contrast that sets this ring apart, making it a unique and captivating choice.

Black Diamond Split Shoulder

9. Six Claw Solitaire Ring

For those who appreciate simplicity and want to showcase the beauty of white diamonds, the Six Claw Solitaire Ring is the perfect choice. With a clean and classic six-claw design, this ring allows the white diamonds to shine in all their glory. Its elegance lies in its simplicity, making it a unique and timeless ring that’s perfect for those who seek a classic yet distinctive engagement ring.

Six Claw Solitaire Ring

10. Pear Shape Diamond Accent Ring

This exquisite ring features a remarkable half-carat pear-shaped diamond as its centrepiece. What makes it truly unique are the delicate round diamonds adorning the ring’s shoulders, enhancing the elegance and charm of this pear-shaped beauty.

Pear Shape Diamond Accent Ring

11. One Carat Pear Shape Cluster

This ring is a rarity in the world of pear-shaped diamonds. Not only is the one-carat pear diamond exceptionally brilliant, but its tear-drop shape is equally captivating. What sets this ring apart is the stunning halo of diamonds that encircles the pear gem, amplifying its brilliance, and extends gracefully down the ring’s shoulders.

One Carar Pear Shape Cluster

12. Pear Shaped Halo Ring

This ring boasts a perfectly cut pear-shaped diamond, and what makes it extraordinary is the dazzling halo of round diamonds that envelops the centre stone. But the uniqueness doesn’t stop there; additional diamonds intricately decorate the band, further enhancing the overall splendour of this pear-shaped masterpiece.

Pear Shape Halo Ring

13. Princess Cut Halo Cluster

The Princess Cut Halo Cluster engagement ring is a timeless design that beautifully combines the elegance of a princess-cut diamond with a simple halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. What makes this ring unique is its versatility; it’s available in various diamond shapes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and style. This exquisite design enhances the centre stone’s brilliance and adds a touch of classic glamour to your proposal.

Princess Cut Halo Cluster

14. Princess Cut Trilogy

The Princess Cut Trilogy engagement ring takes the traditional princess-cut trilogy design to a new level of sophistication. This ring’s uniqueness shines through in its innovative addition of shoulder diamonds and an intricate underbezel. These elegant details not only elevate the overall appearance but also add a touch of individuality to the classic trilogy design. 

Princess Cut Trilogy

15. Classic Princess Cut Solitaire

The Classic Princess Cut Solitaire engagement ring is a response to the popular demand for a simple yet stunning four-claw solitaire setting specifically designed for princess-cut diamonds. What sets this ring apart is its ability to showcase the brilliance of the white diamonds to their fullest potential. 

Classic Princess Cut Solitaire

What makes an engagement ring unique?

An engagement ring becomes unique through a combination of distinct features and personal touches that set it apart from traditional designs. Here are some key factors that contribute to the uniqueness of an engagement ring:

  • Unconventional Gemstones: Choosing gemstones other than traditional diamonds, such as sapphires, emeralds, or unique coloured diamonds, can instantly make an engagement ring stand out.
  • One-of-a-Kind Settings: One-of-a-kind engagement rings have a unique settings, such as vintage-inspired, nature-themed, or intricate designs, add character and individuality to the ring.
  • Customisation: Custom engagement rings composed of personalised engravings, birthstones, or other meaningful elements create a one-of-a-kind ring that tells a personal story.
  • Rare or Fancy Cut Diamonds: Selecting a diamond with a rare or unconventional cut, like a heart shape or a cushion cut, can make the ring exceptionally unique.
  • Handcrafted Details: Handmade engagement rings handcrafted by skilled artisans often bear unique touches that machine-made rings lack.
  • Symbolic Elements: Incorporating symbols or motifs that hold special meaning to the couple can make the ring truly unique.
  • Non-Traditional Metals: Choosing metals like rose gold, platinum, or black rhodium instead of the classic white gold or yellow gold can give the ring non-traditional engagement rings a unique appearance.

How can I get my own unique engagement ring?

If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, we have narrowed the process down to two simple steps:

Step 1 – Consult us

There are three methods of engagement ring consultation that we provide:

    • Virtual Consultation, where you can discuss the ring you want with us from the comfort of your own home.
  • In-Home Consultation, where we bring the jewellery shop to you, visiting you with a small range of designs for you to help inform your final decision.
  • In-Store Consultation, where you can learn all about any kind of engagement ring at one of our three stores.

Step 2 – Use our customisation services

Our team of dedicated designers excels in crafting pieces from scratch or transforming your existing jewellery. We’ll guide you in selecting the ideal gemstone. Once our vision is in sync with yours, we’ll illustrate and produce a 3D model for your evaluation. 

Our specialists will procure gemstones that meet your approval, and should you wish, arrange a safe, in-person viewing. Subsequently, our proficient jewellers will breathe life into your envisioned ring. It’s a seamless voyage from idea to tangible reality.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can get in contact with us through various methods:

    • You can message us from our website
    • You can contact one of our three branches directly:
  • Eastland
  • Knox
  • The Glen

Unique Engagement Ring FAQs

Are unique engagement rings better than standard engagement rings?

Whether a unique engagement ring is better than a standard one is a matter of personal choice. Unique rings are special because they can be customised while standard rings have a more traditional and simple style, but that doesn’t mean that unique rings are automatically better. It’s all about what your partner likes and what’s important to them.


How do I pick the right ring?

Choosing the right ring involves considering your partner’s style, your budget, and any meaningful personal touches. With that information, our reputable jewellers can help you find the perfect fit.

Are unique engagement rings more expensive?

Unique engagement rings can vary in price. Some may be more affordable than traditional rings, while others, particularly custom or rare designs, may be more expensive. It ultimately depends on your choices, which we will accommodate to the best of our ability.

Do you offer maintenance services for unique rings?

We offer maintenance services for all types of rings, including unique ones. Regular maintenance is important for maintaining the structural integrity and shine of any jewellery, including your unique engagement ring.

Can you turn old jewellery into unique jewellery?

Our skilled jewellers can repurpose old jewellery into unique pieces, incorporating sentimental value into a new design. Discuss your ideas with one of our jewellers and we’ll make them a reality.

Why should I get a unique engagement ring from Holdsworth Jewellers?

Getting a unique engagement ring from Holdsworth Jewellers is a great idea for a few simple reasons. 

  • We make beautiful, high-quality rings that are like pieces of art. 
  • Our team is skilled at helping you design a ring that’s perfect for you, including your own personal touches to make it unique. 
  • We care about the environment and use responsible materials. 
  • We’re known for great customer service, so you can trust us to create a special ring that will last a long time.

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