Rare and Unusual Gems


Holdsworth Bros have a unique reputation for sourcing some of the most rare and unsual gemstone varieties. While its true, we do love our rubies, emeralds and sapphires, Nature provides a bounty that extends so much further. We look for not only rare gemstone types like tourmaline or spinel, but we also look for the ultra rare varieties of well known gemstones. For example you might be familiar with brown red garnet, at Holdsworth Bros we can show you garnets that are vivid purple, mint green, rich plum or bright orange. Or you might quite like blue sapphires, visit us and we will show you pink sapphire, purple sapphire, golden sapphire and teal sapphire.

The variety of what we carry is ever changing but our staff are incredibly knowledgable so if you are looking for something difficult to source, or would like to be surprised with colours and options you never knew existed in coloured gemstones then come in and see what we have.  

Mahenge Pink Spinel Ring


Mint Green Garnet Halo


Rose Gold Teal Sapphire Ring


Caramel Tourmaline Cluster

Last ticketed at $7,295.00 in 2021

Mandarin Garnet trilogy

Last ticketed at $7,995.00 in 2021

Plum Garnet Halo Ring

Last ticketed at $4,295.00 in 2021

Mahenge Mint garnet Ring


Teal Sapphire Drops

Last ticketed at $4,595.00 in 2021

Sea Green Tourmaline Trilogy

Last ticketed at $5,695.00 in 2021

Purple Garnet Gobstopper

Last ticketed at $4,495.00 in 2021

Rhodolite Garnet Ring

Last ticketed at $4,295.00 in 2021

Pink Spinel Cluster