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Buying an Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring is one of life’s biggest moments and isworth spending the time to get right.

It may be as simple as coming in to one of our shops, speaking to our wonderful staff and choosing a piece we have already created or it may be a little more complex. Our commitment to you is to take the time with you, to understand your needs and desires, to make something special and to see you leave the shop bursting with happiness.

What is the process for getting a custom engagement ring made?

Step 1 - Research What Designs & Styles You Like

Do some preliminary research on styles, designs, gemstones and budget. This may include window shopping or just looking online through the web, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It could be worth speaking to friends and family about what they found effective in looking for inspiration. See if you can narrow down what kind of gemstone you want featured (diamonds are a great option), think about the shape you’d like. Have a look at various designs and styles, solitaires, trilogies, clusters, halos, contemporary, period or traditional. Print out or save on your phone rings you like or parts of rings you like. Consider a budget range.

Step 2 - Bring Your Research to Your Engagment Ring Consultation

Bring all your research to us. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have, we are experts at sifting through and interpreting what you bring in. A consultation with us will take about an hour and we will work out what colour metals you want in your ring, what styles will work and how we can adapt your ideas into a final design. If you aren’t sure of budget we will give you some options that you can choose from, or we can consider your budget when creating the design ideas for your ring. If everything is perfect for you, you can leave a deposit (30%) and we will start making your dream ring.

Step 3 - You Get a Progress Report on Your Ring & Diamond/Gemstone

After a week we will get in touch with you and send through a progress report of where we are at, we may have the computer aided design (CAD) complete and we will have your diamond or coloured gem selected so we can send through documentation and images. Once you have received your CAD render you can examine it and we can discuss any changes required (if necessary).

Step 4 - Try On Your Engagement Ring

After four to six weeks from CAD approval we will have your ring complete and in the shop ready for you to come and see. For us this is the most special moment, to see you try on your Engagement Ring for the first time. We try and ensure that you come in to see staff member who helped design and create the piece so they can be the one to show it to you. We make sure the piece fits well and will give you some care instructions for looking after it so that you can take it home to plan your official Engagement.

Step 5 - You Get All Your Certifications

A few weeks later you will receive a package with the valuation, certification and other documents to meet any insurance requirements as well as for your personal records.

Step 6 - Get Your FREE Check & Clean

Feel free to come in at any time for a free clean and checkup by our staff (we recommend every six months). We will give your piece a professional clean to remove any dirt or oils your home cleaning misses and to check it over for any minor damage that may have happened from an accidental knock or bump and to ensure any wear to the claws doesn’t risk the safety of the gemstones.

1. Virtual Consultation

For this service you do not even need to leave your own home. We will have an initial discussion with you to get a feeling for what ring styles you may like, what diamond or gemstone variety you want, shapes, sizes – anything that is important to you.

We will then put together an image library of relevant designs that you can view (or you can simply email us designs you have found online) and we will discuss options with you. It may be the case we already have the perfect ring for you and you may purchase it over the phone. Or you may like a particular design but with a different shaped centre stone or to add some extra sparkle by including a diamond set split shoulder.

Once we have a firm idea of your dream ring we will sketch it up for you and create a CAD model for you to see. We will also source the gemstones required and submit them to you for your approval. We are even happy to visit you to let you view the gemstones before we make the item (respecting social distancing of course!).

From there our jewellers will start work on your piece and before you know it your dream ring will become a reality.

To utilise this service and start a consultation please contact us at any of our shops.

 2. Visit us at any of our three beautiful jewellery shops.


We have a wide range of designs and extremely knowledgeable staff who will be able to assist you in choosing or designing your own ring. And the best bit is knowing that as a Holdsworth Bros. client you will be receiving the best possible quality in diamonds, coloured stones and workmanship.

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