Customisation Services

We can help you design and make your dream jewellery



Holdsworth Bros. can help you design and make your dream jewellery. We have a team of passionate designers who can create a piece from scratch or work with remodelling jewellery you already have. We will help you choose a perfect gemstone and turn design ideas you may have into a digital artistic impression for our jewellers to make.


If you have a piece of jewellery that is worn out or sentimental but not quite to your taste we can restore it by completely remaking it. We utilise the original gemstones and can make any modification to the design that you like. We can even combine pieces if you wish or turn earrings into a ring. Anything is possible!

The art is in designing a new piece that you’ll love by combining the gemstones that you already have.

Usually a face to face meeting with our design team is recommended but we are happy to visit you and collect pieces from you (practicing whatever social distancing measures you feel comfortable with). We will then contact you by phone to talk about styles you might like and submit some preliminary designs for your consideration.

Once a final design has been chosen we will set about making up your dream piece.

To utilise this service and book a collection please call us on 9887 2747 or email

Pearl Threading

Over time the string used in threading strands can decay, wear and eventually break needing to be replaced. Our skilled pearl threader will rethread your beads in either a knotted or unknotted style and finishes each end joining the clasp in gold or silver wire.


Our insurance services range from quotation to full replacement for any items you may have lost or damaged. We can provide high quality repairs for an existing item or replace lost items from our instore range or custom make to any design of your choosing.