Australian Teal Sapphire Jewellery

Australian Teal Sapphire Jewellery

It’s not often that you hear people are looking for Australian teal sapphire jewellery. 


Sure, people are regularly looking for sapphires. The only thing people look for more than sapphires is diamonds. However, the majority of people ask for blue sapphires, with not a lot of people gravitating towards teal. That’s why we’ve made this article, to make the case for this truly underrated gemstone with its blue/green colour palette.


A sapphire is a gemstone made from corundum, a crystallised form of aluminium oxide. The blue colour commonly associated with sapphires comes from the concentration of certain minerals within the corundum, such as iron, titanium, vanadium and chromium. Like with blue sapphires, teal sapphires come in various hues, shades and levels of saturation.

How can you tell a good teal sapphire?

A teal sapphire’s quality is entirely subjective and depends on the taste and preference of the bride-to-be, but there are a few factors that may influence the price:

  • The shade of teal, particularly the ratio of blue to green. Teal sapphires are judged to be more valuable if they have a brighter and purer colour.
  • Gem clarity. The lack of imperfections can be an indicator of a fake gem, but it’s also indicative of a good quality teal sapphire.
  • The gem’s cut. As a gem that isn’t properly cut can appear dull and lifeless, its ability to reflect light is important for teal sapphires, particularly bright teal sapphires.
  • Heat treatment of the gem. Heat treatment can enhance the colour of sapphire, but it can also reduce its price.

Cushion Teal Sapphire

Cushion Teal Sapphire

Do teal sapphires fade?

Teal sapphires that have been enhanced with low-level radiation, whether they came from the Earth’s interior or were artificially induced in a lab, have enhanced colors. However, they may fade over time, especially when exposed to heat and light. Ensure that your jeweler does not sell irradiated gems before you make a purchase.

Australian teal sapphire jewellery: Which stone can be worn with teal sapphire?

Any gems can be worn alongside teal sapphire, depending on the preference of the wearer. However, diamonds are the most complementary, given their neutral colouring. When combined, the muted diamonds accentuate the saturated teal of the sapphire. Other kinds of gemstones, particularly those with stronger hues, can clash with the teal sapphire and diminish its aesthetic appeal.

Do teal sapphires look better with white or yellow gold?

The answer to this question depends on the wearer. A deeper, more saturated teal creates a striking contrast when paired with white gold, but it also blends nicely with yellow gold. By comparison; brighter, paler sapphires blend nicely with silver tone alloys. However, yellow gold can visually overpower paler gemstones. As a result, it’s important to visually survey the engagement ring before you commit to buying it. 

Teal Sapphire Drops

Teal Sapphire Drops

Who wears teal sapphire?

Teal sapphires are worn typically as a low-cost alternative to blue sapphires, as they contain a bit of blue in their makeup. While blue sapphires are more popular, they command a higher price-tag that makes them less accessible. Teal sapphires are not only a less expensive option, but they are a very unique style of gemstone that makes for the perfect personalised engagement ring. 

Australian teal sapphire jewellery: Why teal sapphire engagement rings are the right choice for you

There are many reasons why a teal sapphire engagement ring may be the right choice for you. Reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • If your fiance has a preference for the colour teal. What better way to express that than with a beautiful and evocative piece of finely crafted jewellery?
  • If your budget isn’t particularly high, but you want a gemstone akin to a blue sapphire.
  • If you want an engagement ring that is unconventional and unique.
  • If you want a gemstone that will perfectly complement a gold band.

Are teal sapphires expensive?

Teal sapphires are typically cheaper than other gemstones. As previously mentioned, the cost of a teal sapphire engagement ring predicates on several factors, including:

  • The size and weight of the gem.
  • The saturation and hue of the gem.
  • The cut and clarity of the gem.
  • The alloy that comprises the wedding band.
  • Any secondary gemstones that accompany the teal sapphire.
  • Any heat treatment or irradiation that has affected the gem.


While not a common gemstone for engagement rings, teal sapphires are versatile, with many different variations to suit any budget.

We love this combination of teal blue sapphire and rose gold, and this cluster ring is a great example of why. Mixing unusual metals with unusual gemstones has created this stunning engagement or cocktail ring.

Are teal sapphires more expensive than blue?

Blue sapphires are typically more expensive than teal sapphires due to being in much higher demand. Contrary to popular belief, this is not an indicator of quality. The only tangible difference between teal and blue sapphires is that the teal sapphire has a higher concentration of titanium and iron resulting in its different colour. While many express a preference for the blue sapphire because it’s a more traditional gemstone, there is nothing to suggest that a teal sapphire is inherently worse for an engagement ring. 

What makes our collection of teal sapphires different?

At Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers, we do more than simply sell teal sapphire engagement rings. We cultivate your creative process, allowing you to design the ideal custom teal sapphire engagement ring to suit your perfect proposal. 


Simply show us your ideas and we will work with you to adapt them into a design that meets all of your needs, consulting you every step of the way. You’ll receive your perfect custom engagement ring as well as all of the documents that certify its legitimacy. On top of that, you’ll also receive an additional free check and clean. We know that an engagement ring might as well be as much of a commitment as the engagement itself, and we want yours to be just as special. 

What to look for in a teal sapphire engagement ring

In addition to the usual factors that determine a teal sapphire engagement ring’s value i.e. the size, shape, clarity, hue, saturation, etc. it is also important to determine any signs that the gemstone may be fake.


Of course, you can avoid this by purchasing from a reputable jeweller such as Holdsworth Bros. who have been in the business since 1884. But, if you are still unsure, there are methods such as:

  • Breathing on the sapphire and note how long it takes for the ensuing fog to dissipate. Natural gems take 1-2 seconds to clear up, whereas fakes take about 5 seconds.
  • Checking for air bubbles inside of the sapphire, as fake sapphires tend to be made from glass in which air packets are able to form.
  • Observing how light reflects from the sapphire, as real sapphires will only reflect light that shares its exact colour, whereas fakes will reflect any and all light.

Where to buy a teal sapphire engagement ring

At Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers, we stock high quality teal sapphire engagement rings. Contact us so we can help you find the ideal engagement ring for your perfect proposal.

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