Happy Birthday to Us!

“Dear Customer,”

For those of you who are regular readers of Pearle you may remember Issue 2 when I had received a copy handed back to me covered in editorial comments from a dedicated Pearle reader. I’ve been asked on a few occasions what happened subsequently, and I am very pleased to introduce Mrs Margaret Fluke as Chief Proof Reader for Pearle. She very kindly proof-read the last issue and has offered to do so into the future. So to Margaret, Thank you!

I mentioned in the last issue that Holdsworth Bros. is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and inside this edition is the first article on our proud history. It is written by Tim Holdsworth and focuses on the history spanned by four generations of Holdsworth brothers.

The advertisement to the left is taken from the Prahran Chronicle on 19th September 1884. It’s a favourite of mine as it illustrates that the focus then was exactly the same as the focus now – high quality workmanship and value for money.

Prahran Chronicle 19.9.1884

Prahran Chronicle 19.9.1884 – HW Holdsworth ad

No anniversary can be complete without a celebration and so we will be doing something we very rarely do – having a Sale. Details can be found on the back page of Pearle, and we are pleased to offer Diamond Club members advance notice of this event and your 5% Diamond Club member discount in addition to the Sale prices.

For our Knox customers, the shop will be undergoing a refit for a few weeks in October. We will have a small booth at the front of the store while the renovations are taking place so you can still collect repairs and make lay-by payments.

Finally, thank-you to those who have dropped me notes of encouragement and appreciation – I hope you continue to enjoy Pearle.

Kind regards,
Chris Holdsworth

This story was taken from Holdsworth Bros newsletter ‘Pearle’ Winter 2009

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