Mandarin Garnet Ring: Get The Perfect Gemstone For Your Ring!

Mandarin Garnet Ring: What Is It And Why It Might Be Just The Ring You’re Looking For!

Could a mandarin garnet ring be the one you’re looking for? Sure, you’ve heard of diamonds, sapphires and even tourmalines. But, what about garnets? What even is a garnet? A garnet is a group of silicate minerals that form a precious gemstone. The mandarin garnet is specifically a variant of garnet known as orange spessartine.

Is a mandarin garnet considered to be a precious gem?

The mandarin garnet is a much-desired gemstone for it’s eye-catching and evocative orange hue (which resembles the fruit, where it gets its namesake from), as well as its extreme rarity. 

How can you tell a good mandarin garnet?

There are several factors associated with the colour that determine a mandarin garnet’s value. These factors include: 

  • The tone of the orange gem and the intensity of its colour (i.e. not too dark or too bright)
  • The incandescence of the gem underneath various light sources
  • The number of imperfections such as cracks, pockets of air or liquid, needles, etc.
  • The quality of the cut
  • Its weight in carats

Mandarin garnet is a fairly resilient gem, ranking a 7-7.5 on Mohs scale of hardness, a scale developed by German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1812. Unless you plan on bare-knuckle boxing a brick wall with it, your mandarin garnet ring will be okay.

Does mandarin garnet fade?

Like with any precious gemstone, you should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, but the colour in mandarin garnet is permanent.

Which stone can be worn with a mandarin garnet ring?

The intense orange colour of mandarin garnet rings work perfectly with yellow sapphires to create a warm palette, as well as more neutral coloured gemstones such as diamonds in order to further accentuate the garnet. 

Does a mandarin garnet ring look better with white or yellow gold?

Yellow gold complements the orange of a mandarin garnet, whereas white gold tends to emphasise the gem. You should choose the alloy for your band depending on where you want the eye to be drawn the most.

How much are mandarin garnet rings?

Mandarin Garnet rings tend to call for a hefty price tag due to their value. Our most expensive ring prices at $7,995.00. However, we also have rings with other types of garnet that cost as low as $545. Our garnet rings come with a variety of gemstones and bands, so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect ring for that special someone.

Mandarine Garnet Dress Ring

Mandarin Garnet Dress Ring

How do you clean a mandarin garnet ring?

The best way to get a mandarin garnet ring cleaned is to take it to an experienced jeweller who can both inspect it and clean it for you (it is recommended you do this at least twice a year in order to keep your ring in top condition). The second best way is to use warm, sudsy water with either a tightly woven microfiber or a different kind of soft cloth.

How do you buy a mandarin garnet ring?

Mandarin garnet rings are pretty rare. So, you could try moving to Namibia, or you could  contact us so we can help you find the mandarin garnet ring you’ve always wanted.

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