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“The biggest mistake most people make is deciding they want a F/VS1 ‘triple excellent’ 1.00ct diamond and search for the cheapest example of it. They don’t realise that ‘Triple Excellent’ covers all manner of sins.”

Almost all diamonds over 0.30ct have a report from a diamond grading laboratory that provides all the information for you to easily compare stones. The skill of astute diamond buying lies in a thorough understanding of the cut.

Why aren’t all diamonds cut to be beautiful? The answer is easy. Money. Cutters will cut diamonds to be heavy – and this means they will be less beautiful. Thy want to retain as much of the crystal as possible, knowing that most people will pay more for a poor looking 1.00ct diamond than a beautiful 0.90ct diamond.

There is a complicated relationship between the proportions of a diamond and the light that is reflected from the diamond as a result. Thankfully, a large amount of research has gone into figuring out how all of the angles, widths and depths interrelate with each other, and what sets of proportions are likely to yield a bright sparkly stone. Cutters will still cut to retain as much weight from the diamond crystal as they can get away with, but these formulas allow us to pinpoint the brightest, and are the stones that we buy for ourselves to sell in our stores.

Diamond rejected by merchants and that remain unsold then usually end up sold online.

Triple excellent (or Ex Ex Ex) is a term reserved by diamond grading labs for a stone that is excellent in its cut grade, symmetry and polish.

The problem is that the grading labs have a vested interest in providing certificates that satisfy their primary paying customer – the diamond cutter. As a result, the standard required to achieve ‘triple excellent’ is much lower than most people would assume.

The GIA prepare reports that give a diamond a cut grade. They range anywhere from Excellent, Very Good, Good to Fair. What we have learned through examining thousands of diamonds is that even in the top grade of Excellent there are only a small fraction, around 10-15%, that are truly beautiful diamonds

Free Upgrade

So that brings us to making sure you get your free upgrade. Once you are inside that ‘triple excellent’ bracket, diamonds are all largely priced the same. You simply just need to have the knowledge to pick the best looking diamonds from within that bracket. And remember only 10-15% of those are the truly breathtaking diamonds.

The key is to look at the depth, table size, crown and pavillion angles and only choose diamonds that are likely to yield an eye pleasing combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation. Then of course you look at the diamond, really study it, and decide if it is good enough to put into a piece of jewellery.

That’s what we do, for each and every diamond we sell. Holdsworth Bros. have been buying diamonds for over 130 years, and both Chris and Tim Holdsworth are highly qualified diamond experts. They have the utmost confidence that a diamond bought from them will outshine and outperform any comparable diamond and more importantly, will be the envy of all others!

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