Pink Diamond Earrings

Pink Diamond Earrings Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between pink diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds? 

Argyle pink diamonds originate from Argyle mine located in Western Australia, and are renowned for their distinct colour and clarity. Although not all Argyle diamonds are pink, pink Argyle diamonds are exceptionally rare due to the intensity and purity of their colour. Additionally, with the recent closing of the Argyle mine, the pink diamond has become even more rare and sought after. Therefore, pink diamonds sourced from Argyle are often considered to be superior to other diamonds and present themselves as a highly valuable investment opportunity.

What style of pink diamond earrings are there? 

Like most stones, pink diamond earrings can be made into a large variety of styles such as studs, drop earrings, hoops and others. Due to their versatility, pink diamond earrings are also nicely paired with classic diamonds and pearls. At Holdsworth Bros, our collection of pink diamond earrings involve various styles such as pink teardrop earrings, pearl drops, pink heart drops, cluster studs and many more.

How do I look after my pink diamond earrings?

Pink diamonds need to be looked after to maintain their shine in the long term. It is recommended to store your pink diamond earrings away from sunlight, in a dry and clean environment. Always keep your earrings (or any piece of jewellery) in a soft cloth inside a jewellery box for extra protection.

To clean your pink diamonds, it is highly recommended to have them professionally cleaned. Pink diamonds in particular, due to the nature of their colour, will require specific tools to be cleaned to avoid altering the diamond’s colour.

However, if you wish to clean your pink diamonds at home, avoid any harmful chemicals that may damage the diamond. Instead, simply opt for dishwashing liquid and warm water to gently clean your jewellery either with a soft toothbrush or a jewellery cloth.

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