Pink Diamonds

Stunning Pink and Blush Pink diamonds

Pink Diamonds


As if Diamonds were not magical enough, Nature has made them for us in pinks and purple. The Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley deserts of north west Australia is the worlds only supply of rich and vivid colour pink diamonds. Only producing since 1979 and due to close in 2020 this forty year window is about to close for anyone wanting a pink diamond and unlikely to ever be repeated. Australia is a rich and diverse continent with some of the worlds most beautiful and unique landscapes, animals and cultures. It almost makes sense that it would also call home to the worlds most rare and beautiful coloured diamonds.

The popularity of pink Argyle Diamonds has skyrocketed in recent years and will continue to do so until the mine closes at which time they will become collectors pieces for the lucky few who have them.

While the intense and vivid colours attract significant investment, we have plenty of pieces in rings, earrings and pendants featuring combinations of blush pinks and white diamonds starting at $1500. Have a look through our jewellery to see what tickles your fancy.

If you are keen for a piece of Australian history then Holdsworth Bros. can source an investment pink for your wearing pleasure or to simply put away in your super fund. Argyle pink diamonds are the most valuable gemstone in the world, nothing is rarer and for the finest of specimens nothing is more valuable.

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