Pink Diamonds

Stunning Pink and Blush Pink diamonds

About Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds


As if Diamonds were not magical enough, Nature has made them for us in pinks and purple. The Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley deserts of north west Australia is the worlds only supply of rich and vivid colour pink diamonds. Australia is a rich and diverse continent with some of the worlds most beautiful and unique landscapes, animals and cultures. It almost makes sense that it would also call home to the worlds most rare and beautiful coloured pink diamonds.

Closure of the Argyle Mine 

In 1979, the Argyle Mine in Western Australia’s Kimberley region was discovered and after just over 40 years of operation, it closed production in 2020. The closure of the mine was prompted by the depletion of argyle pink diamonds, making their popularity to skyrocket in recent years and will continue to become collectors pieces for the lucky few who have them.

Pink Diamonds as an Investment 

Argyle pink diamonds have become one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world. If you are keen for a piece of Australian history then Holdsworth Bros. can source pink diamonds as an investment for your wearing pleasure or to simply put away in your super fund.

Blush Pink Diamonds Collection

The demand and price for Argyle pink diamonds has been increasing over the years, leaving Australians unable to afford these heritage diamonds. Blush Pink Diamonds were created as a range of natural Argyle pink diamond jewellery that is accessible to all. These blush pink diamonds are made with premium 18ct white and rose gold, making them a luxurious alternative to the argyle pink diamonds. Here at Holdsworth Bros. we have plenty of pieces in rings, earrings and pendants, featuring combinations of blush pink and white diamonds starting at $1500. Have a look through our blush pink diamonds to see what tickles your fancy.

FAQs About Pink Diamonds

How do you clean pink diamonds?

Due to their rarity and value, when it comes to cleaning pink diamonds, the best way to do so is to have them professionally cleaned. A trained professional will have the appropriate tools and know-how to treat your pink diamonds with ultimate care and will avoid subjecting them to any heat that can damage or alter the diamond’s colour.

What is the best way to store pink diamonds?

When purchasing pink diamonds, your jeweller should clearly outline the best way to store your pink diamonds in order to preserve their appearance. Some most important things to remember when storing pink diamonds include, keeping them away from direct sunlight, keeping them in a dry, clean environment, and away from elements that may cause them to tarnish.  

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