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When not locked down our CoVid safe policy is as follows;

Corona Virus has taken us all by surprise and affected us all in strange new ways. Holdsworth Bros. had not shut its doors for seventy five years since World War 2 until the Stage 4 lockdowns, but we’re back open and servicing Melbourne.

The health and well being of all our staff as well as our clients is of vital importance we have introduced a few measures to help prevent the spread of the virus;

  • When you come in to the store to try on jewellery we will ask you to quickly sanitize your hands with an alcohol based gel – our staff will also sanitise their hands while with you.
  • We routinely wipe down counter tops, windows, desks, phones, stationary, keyboards and any surfaces that may be exposed to Corona Virus settling. We do this several times a day.
  • We sanitize jewellery in a disinfectant on a rotating basis throughout the day. If you leave jewellery with us for repair or remake we will disinfect it prior to taking it in to our workroom located at Eastland.
  • We also monitor the health and exposure of our staff and will ask anyone affected or exposed to Corona Virus to stay at home or in quarantine in line with Federal Government requirements and recommendations.

We are also offering our clients new services that can help them shop with us, or have their jewellery repaired without needing to come in to the store.

  • Browse our website for items you like, make a note of any designs or styles you like and phone us. We will organise to email you or send you MMS of styles we have in store or similar that you may like. Should you like to make a purchase we can process your purchase by credit card over the phone or give you bank details to make a direct deposit. We will then courier the item to you where you have a 48 hour no questions asked satisfaction guarantee to return the item. Delivery is free.
  • For selected clients we will bring a range of pieces to view in your home. Purchases can be made by credit card straight away.
  • For items that require repair we can arrange to collect them from you or will reimburse any postage costs to have the item sent to our workroom. Please phone us to discuss any requirements you may have

Thank you all for your support of our small family business. Since 1884 we have survived two world wars, a depression, the GFC and numerous recessions – CoVid is just another speedhump for our fourth generation to navigate.

Chris and Tim Holdsworth