Tahitian Pearls

FAQs About Tahitian Pearls

What type of Tahitian Pearls does Holdsworth Bros. stock?

We stock Tahitian Pearls in the form of:

  • Tahitian Black Pearl Pendants
  • Tahitian Black Pearl Rings
  • Tahitian Black Pearl Drop Earrings

Where are Tahitian Pearls produced?

Tahitian Pearls are grown and produced in French Polynesia on the Gambier and Tuamotu Archipelago Islands.

What colours do Tahitian Pearls come in?

Tahitian Pearls, also known as Black Pearls, have a naturally dark body colour that cover a wide spectrum of shades, from light, creamy white, grey, greens, to deep black. Due to their vast colour range, it can be difficult to find exact pearls that match when creating a piece of jewellery with Tahitian Pearls, making these types of pearls more expensive and very sought after around the world.

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