New Services Jewellery Services With COVID-19

To assist our clients who are in self isolation, are just wanting to minimise their contact with others or are practicing rigid self distancing we are offering our clients new services that can help them shop with us, or have their jewellery repaired without needing to come in to the store.

  • Browse our website for items you like, make a note of any designs or styles you like and phone us. We will organise to email you or send you MMS of styles we have in store or similar that you may like. Should you like to make a purchase we can process your purchase by credit card over the phone or give you bank details to make a direct deposit. We will then courier the item to you where you have a 48 hour no questions asked satisfaction guarantee to return the item. Delivery is free.
  • For selected clients we will bring a range of pieces to view in your home. Purchases can be made by credit card straight away.
  • For items that require repair we can arrange to collect them from you or will reimburse any postage costs to have the item sent to our workroom. Please phone us to discuss any requirements you may have.
  • If you would like to feel like Royalty, contact us for a private viewing of our jewellery. We will close the shop to all other clients for the duration of your visit.
  • We are also going to trial an online consultation where you can connect with us via video link where we can hopefully show you pieces in a live environment or even offer advise on repair or maintenance – as if you were in the shop with us.

For more information on how we are managing health and safety visit this page

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