Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

When we hear the word sapphire, we immediately think of the colour blue. While blue is the most common colour associated with sapphires, there’s a whole range of alternate colours, including the much coveted pink sapphire.


Pink sapphire engagement rings have seen a rise in popularity as of late. Nothing complements an engagement proposal quite like the perfect pink sapphire engagement ring. To help you decide on whether or not this is the ring for you, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions and answers below.

Princess Pink Sapphire Ring

Princess Pink Sapphire Ring

What makes pink sapphire special?

Sapphires are derived from corundum, a crystallised form of aluminium oxide, with their colours determined by a concentration of minerals. Also derived from corundum are rubies, which are similar to sapphires, only they also contain high amounts of chromium that give them their deep red hue.

Pink sapphires exist as a middle ground between rubies and sapphires. They are still made of corundum, but they do not contain enough chromium to be designated as rubies. Like all other colour variants of sapphires, pink sapphires come in a wide range of hues and saturations, from bright baby pink, to magenta, to an orange/pink gradient like the extremely rare padparadscha sapphire.

Who wears pink sapphire?

Many couples have opted for a pink sapphire engagement ring as opposed to diamonds. This can be for a variety of reasons including aesthetics and budget. Notable celebrities whose engagement rings contain a pink sapphire include Kate Perry,  Princess Eugenie of York and Lady Gaga. 

Many choose to get their pink sapphire encased in a platinum or white gold band in order to emphasise the richness of the gemstone. Rose gold can be used as well in order to give the ring a warmer colour palette. 

Pink Sapphire Frame Pendant

Pink Sapphire Frame Pendant

Why may a pink sapphire engagement ring be right for you?

A pink sapphire engagement ring sounds like the perfect way to symbolise a romantic relationship and it is not too big of a stretch to see why it might be right for you. Some of the reasons may include:

  • If you’re looking for a slightly less durable but much more affordable alternative to a pink diamond engagement ring.
  • If you’re looking for a less intense version of a ruby.
  • If you’re looking for a less conventional and rarer gemstone than the more typical diamond engagement ring.

How much do pink sapphire rings cost?

At Holdsworth Bros. our price range for pink sapphire rings is ticketed at approximately $1,100-$8,450 AUD. There are many different factors that influence the cost of a blue sapphire ring, such as:

  • The shape of the gemstone (i.e. round, cut, etc.)
  • The colour and shade of the gemstone
  • Any accompanying gemstones
  • The alloy of the band
  • Any colour zoning
  • Whether the gemstone has received “heat treatment” to bring out its colour

How can I inspect my pink sapphire?

There are, of course, the usual factors that determine a pink sapphire engagement ring’s value i.e. the size, shape, clarity, hue, saturation, etc. In addition to these, there are other observable traits that can help determine whether or not the gemstone is a fake.

Of course, you can avoid this by purchasing from a reputable jeweller such as Holdsworth Bros. who have been in the business since 1884. However, if you are still unsure, there are some alternative methods: 

  • Breathing on the sapphire and note how long it takes for the ensuing fog to dissipate. Natural gems take 1-2 seconds to clear up, whereas fakes take about 5 seconds.
  • Checking for air bubbles inside of the sapphire, as fake sapphires tend to be made from glass in which air packets are able to form.
  • Observing how light reflects from the sapphire, as real sapphires will only reflect light that shares its exact colour, whereas fakes will reflect any and all light.
Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings

Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings

Do pink sapphires get cloudy?

Pink sapphires can sometimes contain small liquid-filled spaces known as silk inclusions. These form in the corundum that the sapphires are mined from and they can give a pink sapphire a cloudy appearance. This might lower the resale value of the sapphire, but it creates an optical effect known as asterism, in which the silk forms the shape of a star. That is why these kinds of gems are known as “star sapphires”. 

How much is a pink sapphire ring?

At Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers, we stock high quality pink sapphire engagement rings. Contact us so we can help you find the ideal engagement ring for your perfect proposal. 

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