Statement – Armed assault at Holdsworth Bros Eastland 13th May 2019


On May 13th 2019 Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers at Eastland was robbed in an armed assault on the store. The robbery was violent and upsetting for our staff and we have chosen to shun media attention for the health and well-being of those involved.

The staff members who witnessed the crime were simply amazing in their actions on that day in both keeping calm, keeping safe and alerting the authorities in what was a very heated time. They assisted police in their inquiries after the event providing statements and evidence that eventually ended up in the prosecution of the offender.

Holdsworth Bros. are extremely fortunate to have such capable and resilient staff and we are very grateful to Victoria Police and in particular the Senior Detective Constable who investigated the crime, gathered the evidence from our staff with care and compassion and ultimately secured the sentence for the offender.

The facts of the offence and subsequent court appearance and sentencing were published in an article in The Herald Sun, p14 on 16/6/2020. Holdsworth Bros. Jewellers nor any of its staff approached, were approached by or provided any comment by/to News Corp Australia Ltd. in the publishing of this article.

Chris and Tim Holdsworth